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This content contains detailed technical information about complex application features in Business Central .

Design details content is aimed at implementers, developers, and super users who need deeper insight to implement, customize, or set up the features in question.

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Learn how the planning system works and how to adjust the algorithms to meet planning requirements in different environments. Design Details: Supply Planning
Understand mechanisms in the costing engine, such as costing method and cost adjustment, and which accounting principles they are designed for. Design Details: Inventory Costing
Learn about central principles behind advanced and basic warehouse features and how they integrate with other supply chain features. Design Details: Warehouse Management
Learn about historic and the current design of item tracking functionality and how it integrates with the reservation system to include serial/lot numbers in availability calculations. Design Details: Item Tracking
Learn about the General Journal Posting Line feature, including recent simplifications to the design of codeunit 12. Design Details: General Journal Post Line
Learn about the design for storing and posting dimensions, including code examples on how to migrate and upgrade dimension code. Design Details: Dimension Set Entries

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