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To convert material into produced end items, production resources, such as bills of material, routings, machine operators, and machinery must be set up in the system.

Operators and machines are represented in the system as machine centers that may be organized in work centers and work center groups. When these resources are established, they can be loaded with operations according to the item's defined material (BOM) and process (routing) structure, and according to the capacity of the machine or work center. You can also set the production capacity of each resource. Capacity is defined by the work time available in the machine and work centers, and is governed by calendars for each level. A work center calendar specifies the working days or hours, shifts, holidays, and absence that determine the work center’s gross available capacity (typically measured in minutes). All of this is determined by defined efficiency and capacity values.

When you have set up manufacturing, you can plan and execute production orders. For more information, see Planning and Manufacturing.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Configure the manufacturing features, such as defining shop floor work hours and selecting planning principles. The Manufacturing Setup page.
Define a standard working week in the manufacturing department in terms of starting and ending times of each work day and related work shift. Create Shop Calendars
Organize fixed values and requirements of production resources as work centers or machine centers to govern their output of production performed. Set Up Work Centers and Machine Centers
Organize production operations in the required order and assign them to work or machine centers with the required work times. Create Routings
Organize production components or subassemblies under a produced parent item and certify the BOM for execution at work centers. Create Production BOMs
Make sure that the right component quantity is available when produced items are stocked in one unit of measure but produced in another. Work With Manufacturing Batch Units of Measure
Define families of production items with similar manufacturing processes to save consumption. For example, four pieces of the same item can be produced from one sheet and 10 pieces of another, different, item at the same time. Work With Production Families
Use standard tasks to simplify the creation of routings by quickly attaching extra information to recurring operations. Set Up Standard Routing Lines
Prepare work centers and routings to represent subcontracted production operations. Subcontract Manufacturing

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